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5th Annual Glow in the Dark Dodgeball

April 6 @ 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

April 6 @ 10:00 am 8:00 pm

The 5th Annual Glow in the Dark Dodgeball Tournament of Champions is an event that brings Laramie County community members together for friendly competition and to support a great cause. All proceeds earned from tournament registration go to Laramie County Grief Support Group to assist families that have lost a loved one.

Event Timeline

  • Last day for team registration is April 4th, 2024, at 11:59 pm.
  • Doors open at 10:00 am.
  • Vendor times are from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • Team check-in is from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm (grab dodgeball rules and waiver forms)
  • Referee and team captain meeting at 12:30 pm
  • Dodgeball games will start at 1:00 pm. (3 game guarantee – then goes into single elimination)
  • Brackets will not be displayed until day of event
  • Raffle drawing



Teams should consist of a minimum of six (6) players with a maximum of eight (8) to allow for substitutions.  ALL members of a team must play at least one (1) game per match, unless injured.

CO-ED Teams must have three (3) men and three (3) women on the court when each game begins.   

DRESS CODE:  All team members must be wearing reflective or neon clothing (no dark clothing).  We encourage teams to be creative when deciding on team uniforms. 


The field of play is a basketball court divided into 2 equal sections divided by a centerline with attack lines parallel to the centerline.


Six glow in the dark dodge balls will be provided. 


The object of the game is to eliminate all opposing players by getting them “OUT”. This may be done by:

1. Hitting an opposing player with a LIVE thrown ball below the shoulders.

a. A ball hits a player and that same player catches the ball, the throwing player is out.

b. A player catches a ball that has hit a teammate, the hit player and throwing player are out and the next player in the rotation enters the game.

c. A player struck by a ball above the shoulders will not be considered out, UNLESS, it is ruled by a referee that they intentionally moved in a way that led to being hit above the shoulders.

d. Teams will be given a warning the first time a ball strikes an opponent above the shoulders. A second strike above the shoulders will result in the throwing player being considered out (unless ruled intentional by a referee as stated above).

2. Catching a LIVE ball thrown by your opponent before it touches the ground.

a. A ball can be caught over the boundary line as long as the player has both feet fully in bounds.

b. A player using their ball to block a thrown ball from an opponent, but has the ball they are blocking with knocked out of their hands, will be out.

c. A player using their ball to block a thrown ball from an opponent, has the ball they were blocking with knocked out of their hands, but catches the thrown ball; the throwing player will be out.

3. One player may return to the game after a teammate catches a ball from the opposing team. Players must rotate in the same order they went out.

4. When a team is down to one player on the court, the opposing team may move beyond the centerline to the other teams attack line. If the down team is able to bring a teammate back into play, the opposing team must retreat back to their side of the court and behind the attack line, before play continues.

5. In order to reduce stalling, a violation will be called if a team in the lead controls all six (6) balls on their side of the court for more than 5 seconds. Violations of this rule results in the opposing team receiving four (4) of the balls and the game being restarted with both teams on their respective end lines.

6. Violation of any rule by players and/or spectators not on the court will result in a teammate on the court being ruled out.

LIVE: A ball that has been thrown and has not touched anything, including the floor/ground, another ball, another player, official or other item outside of the playing field (wall, ceiling, etc).


During play, all players must remain within the boundary lines. Players may leave the boundaries through their end-line only to retrieve stray balls. They must also return through their end-line. Any player that exits the court must be back on the court within 5 seconds of leaving the field of play, or they will be considered out.


The dodgeballs will be placed evenly along the centerline to begin play. Players then take a position behind their end line. The referee will signal play to begin and teams may approach the centerline to retrieve the balls. Once a ball is retrieved it must be taken behind the attack-line before it can be legally thrown. Any player throwing a ball before crossing the attack line after the rush will be considered out.

*Only during the opening rush can players step one (1) foot on or over the centerline when retrieving a ball and not be in violation.


The match will be a best two out of three (3) games. The first team to legally eliminate all opposing players will be declared the winner. There is a limit of 3 minutes per game; at the end of the time limit, the team with the most remaining players will be called the winners of that game.

*There is best two out of three games per match with a 3-match guarantee for each team during the tournament. 


There are no team time-outs during game play. Referees may call a timeout for disputes and injuries. Substitutes may only enter a match between games or in the case of injury.


Referees will be present to make final judgments. Be reminded that while the dodgeball tournament is designed to be a competitive event, the priority is the safety of all participants and spectators and the expectation is that teams conduct themselves appropriately and maintain good sportsmanship at all times. Teams or individuals that do not uphold this standard will be either be given a loss or will be removed from the event.

Teams will be updated with any changes to the rules prior to or during the tournament, if necessary.

No fighting, no arguing with refs or other teams. This may result in your team being disqualified from the tournament.