Laramie County Fair Ranch Rodeo

2022 Ranch Rodeo Flyer

Laramie County Fair Ranch Rodeo

Saturday, July 23rd
Archer Arenas

FREE and open to the public.
Join us for an exciting afternoon of rodeo at the Archer Arenas. Food and drinks will be available for purchase.

Ranch Rodeo

Judges: Troy Vernon and Randy Strain

10 Ranch Rodeo Teams

$3,000 added 100% pay out

1st $2800 for team  |  2nd $2100 for team  |  3rd $1400 for team  |  4th $700 for team


Four Events: 6 Minute time limit to complete all 4 events

Calf Branding | Steer Doctoring | Trailer Loading | Wild Cow Milking

  • Calf Branding
    • The calf branding will start the scramble. One member will ride into the pen and heel designated (numbered) calf. Two members will wrestle calf, while 4th member will brand calf (DVD on left rib). Calf must stay in the pen, branding iron must be returned to bucket, and all members may then mount and continue competition and move onto next event.
  • Steer Doctoring
    • There will be three head of cattle in the arena. The team will doctor one of the steers, the team will load one steer and will milk one cow.
    • For the doctoring event, the team will head, and heel one of steers. The team will then tie at least 3 legs of the steer which will need to stay tied for 6 seconds and will put an X on the “doctored” steer. All ropes must be removed except for the pigging string tying the steer.

  • Trailer Loading
    • For the Trailer Loading, one of the steers must be loaded in the trailer by whatever means necessary. All of the gates will be closed on the trailer to begin; there will be no setting of the gate prior to the time starting. Once the steer is in the trailer the ropes must be removed and the gates must be closed and latched.
  • Wild Cow Milking
    • For the milking event, the team can head and heel the horned cow or head and mug the cow to milk her. Once the cow is milked, the bottle will need to be taken to one of the judges to pour the milk out. There must be enough milk in the bottle to pour out and not just drops come out. The bottle to gather the milk in will be placed by the branding bucket.
  • There will be NO roughing of the animals and the Judge’s decision is FINAL. Any intentional roughing of the animals or horses will result in the team having a NO TIME. Everyone is hand enough to recognize roughing of animals.
  • The main intent of this Ranch Rodeo is to have fun for the day!


 Ranch Bronc Riding

Judges: Troy Vernon and Randy Strain

15 Ranch Bronc Riders in 1st go

Ranch Bronc Calcutta before short go  |  Auctioneer: Steve Price

Top 5 High Scoring riders back to Short Go

Long Go Pay out: 1st $300 | 2nd $200

Short Go Pay out: 1st $900 | 2nd $750 | 3rd $600 | 4th $450 | 5th $300



  • Ride as you can for 8 seconds. A standard working saddle must be used. No PRCA rigging allowed. No hobbling of one or both stirrups. Horse has to be saddled as he would be for everyday use. If catch rope is carried on the saddle, it must be attached as it would be for everyday use. Saddled for everyday use means: stirrups have no bindings in order to hold stirrups forward, nor can they be hobbled under the horse’s girth. Flank cinch must be hobbled to front cinch with hobble strap no longer than 10 inches. Rope must be free except for the rope strap, no tying rope to anything but the rope strap. Stirrup leathers must be standard leathers. Saddle blankets or pads should be used. Saddles should have full or 7/8 double rigging, no centerfire or 5/8 or ¾ rigging allowed.


  • Saddles will be inspected before unsaddling in the stripping chute. Violations will result in immediate disqualification in the ranch bronc riding for the round.


  • A regular bucking horse halter will be provided by stock contractor, single rein provided by ranch bronc rider. Points will be awarded for the difficulty of the horse and for the degree of aggressiveness, control, and exposure demonstrated by the rider.


  • If the rider believes that he has been fouled, he must yell “foul” in the first 3 seconds of the ride and then continue to make the best ride possible throughout the 8 second ride. A re-ride may be awarded at judge’s discretion. Judge’s call is final.


  • Have Fun!

Ranch Rodeo Teams

Berry Ranch - Team 1

Jeff Berry

Brett Berry

TC Berry

Miles Daily

Jace Beard Team - Team 2

Theo Federer

Boyd Supan

DJ Tidyman

Jace Beard

Wyoming Bank & Trust - Team 3

James Graves

Tom Farthing

Ryan Farthing

Clay Stecklein

Thompson Livestock - Team 4

Nolan Brott

Kyle Leoffler

Logan Milligan

Hardy White

Ty Thompson - Alternate

Crow Creek Cattle - Team 5

Matt Dole

Waylon Evans

Conner James

Rian James

Q Creek Ranch - Team 6

Colten Salyer

Colton Roark

Colt Travnicek

TC Kenyon

Porter Creek Livestock - Team 7

Kyle Breeden

Royce Breeden

Shawn Hall

Harrison Hall

Diamond 6 Performance Horses & Horseshoeing - Team 8

Tyler Erickson

Adonis Sheeley

Myron Mulkey

Tyler Sheroder

Load Em In The Dark - Team 9

Philip Smith

Joe House

Katie Bennett

Brace Pingetzer

Rusty Spurs - Team 10

Rowdy Bond

Josh Beavers

Bryce Stack

Jared Seeley

Ranch Bronc Riders

Matt Dole

Waylon Evans

Joe House

Wade Printz

Carl Ackerman

Colten Miller

Cody Miller

Justin Quint

Dalton Harter

Timmy Haller

Cobe Hinton

Jacob Johnson

Wesley Aragon

Wesley Rosengreen

Waylon Fletcher

Order of Events

July 23rd  |  Archer Arena


10:00 AM Contestant check-in open (in the brown building on the East side of the arena) with Rodeo Secretary.

All contestants must sign a release prior to start of competition or they will be turned out.

11:15 AM Contestant check in closes.

11:30 AM Mandatory Contestant and Judges meeting. All questions will be answered at this time and rules will be reviewed.

12:00 PMGrand Entry: Cheyenne Saddle Tramps, National Anthem and Prayer


5 Ranch Broncs Bucked

Matt Dole | Waylon Evans | Joe House | Timmy Haller | Cobe Hinton


4 Ranch Rodeo Teams Run

Wyoming Bank & Trust Team #3 | Porter Creek Livestock Team #7

Diamond 6 Performance Horses & Horseshoeing Team #8 | Q Creek Ranch Team #6


5 Ranch Broncs Bucked

Wade Printz | Carl Ackerman | Colten Miller | Jacob Johnson | Waylon Fletcher


3 Ranch Rodeo Teams Run

Load Em In the Dark Team #9 | Crow Creek Cattle Team #5 | Berry Ranch Team #1


5 Ranch Broncs Bucked

Cobe Hinton | Justin Quint | Dustin Harter | Wesley Rosengreen | Wesley Aragon


3 Ranch Rodeo Teams Run

Rusty Spurs Team #10 | Thompson Livestock Team #4 | Jace Beard Team #2


Calcutta for Short Go Ranch Broncs -5 Ranch Broncs Buck in Short Go

Buckle / Awards Presentation

1st Place Ranch Rodeo Team (Buckle) | 2nd Place Ranch Rodeo Team (Team Jackets)

1st Place Ranch Bronc Rider (Buckle) | 2nd Place Ranch Bronc Rider (Jacket)

Top Hand Award for Ranch Rodeo | Top Horse Award for Ranch Rodeo

Thank you to our Buckle Sponsors

Big O Tires of Cheyenne

High West Energy

R&B Breakfast Club

Bank of the West

Sutherland Trucking

Steve and Ann Secrest (Ken Garff Ford)

Jonah Bank

J&S Livestock

Welding & Machine Inc.

Thank You to our Crew

Ranch Rodeo Coordinator:  Hell On Wheels Rodeo Company, LLC

Judges:  Troy Vernon and Randy Strain

Announcer:  Steve Price

Ranch Broncs:  Provided by Royce Ford / Ford Horse Company

Ranch Rodeo Stock:  Provided by Hell on Wheels Rodeo Company, LLC

First Responders: AMR

Fair and Events Staff

Kali True

Amber True

Lindsey Kisicki

Emily Sowards

Erin Griess

Austin Griess

Jordan Greiss

Brody Maas

Thomas Vanoverbeke

Events Director: Dan Ange

Fair Manager:  Nicholle Watkins

Grounds Manager:  Larry Milbourn

Office Coordinator:  Felicia Lawhead

Events Manager:  Katherine Rhoades

Marketing & Sponsorship Manager:  Monica Muñoz

Thank You Fair Sponsors

Cheyenne Post
Ken Garff
Check's Ice
Platte Valley Bank
Banner Capital Bank
LG Drilling-k
Burns Insurance
Breeze Thru Car Wash
Dooley Oil
Missile Drive Autobody
R&B Breakfast Club
EOG Resources
Mister B's
The Range
Central Bank & Trust
Factory Direct Trailer Sales
Fence Post
Wyo Machinery Comany
Tail Waggers & Wash
The Knotty Pine
K'sTrailer (2)

Evening Events

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